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Players Dream High

Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong
Sam Dong (played by Kim Soo Hyun) is a naive country boy who has a hidden talent and lives with his mother. During this time Sam Dong hides her singing talent from her mother. Even when he appeared in a television show, Sam Dong accidentally make FALS his own voice. Hye Mi (Suzy) was initially dubious talent Sam Dong, till at one point Sam Dong challenging Jason (Woo Young) sang when they first arrived at Kirin. Despite losing, but it's proving to be the beginning of Sam Dong if he does have the talent to sing. Slowly, Sam Dong was starting to like Hye Mi, because Hye Mi was the one that had been in favor. Even when Sam Dong had lost the ability to hear, Hye Mi who helped organize ketuka song as she showcases on stage. But not easy as he was about to win Hye Mi. Because he had to contend first with Jin Guk (Taecyeon) who also likes Hye Mi.
Sam Dong including sensitive personal and sensitive. He did not hesitate to cry if the currently pressed condition.

Suzy [Miss A] As Go Hye Mi
Hye Mi is a girl who is haughty and arrogant, but has a great talent in the field of classical music. Unfortunately, he was unable to achieve his desire for his father's bankruptcy and he had to stop his vocal training and decided to audition for Kirin arts high school. The goal is only one, he wanted to escape from bondage renternir that followed over the years. Uniquely, renternir is what will be many career supporting Hye Mi and colleagues. His character most changed from a Go Hye Mi's expressionless and stiff, he slowly began to change to be more flexible.
Problems making love Hye Mi confused to choose Sam Dong or Jin Guk. Because both near and so attentive to Hye Mi. But eventually, it remains to choose one among them.

Taecyeon [2PM] As Jin Guk
Taecyeon acts as Jin Guk, who is a young man with little hooligan nature and will. Involvement in school Kirin also unintentionally. Starting from only accompanied his friend to audition, he decided to make a scene appear to stall his friend. Surprisingly, the chairman of the jury at the time, sees the potential latent within Jin Guk. Initially he refused to go, but finally he himself who voluntarily offers himself. The relationship with the father quite tenuous and strained. An event finally made good their relationship changed when Jin Guk criminal cases. But his character will turn out to be more calm again thanks to Hye Mi. Jin Guk is also a true gentleman who always protect women including Baek Hee (Eun Jung) is a rival Hye Mi. To protect Baek Hee Jin Guk is a criminal case could be related to them. But the truth can finally be revealed after Baek Hee told the truth.

Wooyoung [2PM] For Jason

Wooyoung role in this drama as a 17-year-old Jason returned to Korea after a long stay in America and suddenly enter Kirin Arts High School. He is very talented in singing and dancing, but jason has no interest in competing with others. He just enjoys what he's got. His story with Pil Suk (IU) has become one of the most eagerly anticipated plot by fans. in fact they both earned the nickname thanks to Milky Couple this series. Thanks to the popularity of the series has also increased sharply with Woo Young 2PM him. The main strength of character was when Jason was still cool in the middle of his favorite pretentious at Pil Suk.

Ham Eun Jung [T-ara] as Yoon Baek Hee
Eun Jung will act as Baek Hee who became a close friend of Hye Mi. He always followed and stalking style of dress Hye Mi. He was idolized Hye Mi. A personal change as a cool event to be someone who is very ambitious and justify any means to achieve what he wanted. It was taught by one of the Kirin itself. However, his character would later turn out to be even better thanks to her friends at Kirin. Later Baek Hee will debut ahead of Hye Mi. But his position is threatened by Hye Mi, because her record company intends to replace it with Hye Mi.

IU as Pil Suk
Pil Suk is a shy girl who embarrassed himself with his physical form. He was born as a girl with a lot of fat but full of talent. At the initial audition, Pil Suk wearing a clown costume. One of the judges even refused to take it because of his appearance that contrasts with his voice. But one of the judges defend it. In the process, Pil Suk will be transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. All that he did to Jason he has liked since early entry to Kirin. Among others, Pil Suk who most have sound temerdu. He was even able to find out a tone that is the object. His story with Jason will be the most anticipated by fans themselves later.

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